ASCM Regionalized Marketing Campaign: Opt-in Form

We’re excited to announce an ASCM marketing opportunity to help you promote your upcoming courses! On July 17th, ASCM will send a marketing email to certification prospects, promoting the value of Instructor-led courses.  This email will include a personalized link to a regional landing page. The landing page will show students where they can enroll in upcoming courses in their local area.  If you would like to be listed as a local option, please opt-in to the campaign by completing the form below!

Please complete the form below by June 26, 2024.

We are unable to include entries received after June 26, so we encourage you to get your information in soon!

*Please note:

  • This form does NOT replace the need to enter course information in the Learning Opportunities to ensure your ASCM website listing remains up-to-date and accurate. However, for the purposes of this campaign, we will use the URL you provide below.
  • If you submitted this form already this year, you do not need to submit it again (unless your contact information has changed)You will be automatically included in the next campaign.
  • Please submit only one form submission.
  • Complete the form even if you don’t have specific course details. As long as you submit the form on time, you will be included on the regionalized landing pages.
  • Select your ASCM partner name from the drop-down box: the name of the educational institution offering the course.
  • We encourage you to track student enrollments so we can further evaluate how successful this regionalized campaign is.